• Oven gloves and tea towels
    Oven gloves and tea towels...
    Matching patterns for that modern, stylish look.
  • Wine storage rack
    Wine bottles should be stored on their side
    This wine storage rack will help keep your wine in perfect condition.
  • Comic Strip Kitchen Accessories
    It's OK to show your fun side in the kitchen.....
    with these Comic Strip kitchen accessories from Rowlatts.
  • Cheese storage wedge
    Keep it fresh....
    Stylish cheese storage. Keep it fresh and ready to eat!
  • Cafetiere for coffee
    Nothing beats the smell of
    freshly brewed coffee.
  • Door Mats
  • Brushes
  • Cleaning Products
  • Clothes Dyes
  • Kitchen Bins
  • Sink Accessories
  • Laundry Accessories
  • Rope, Cord & Accessories